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What are your hours of business?

Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Closed on Memorial Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and New Years Day.


Do you sell only used furniture?
We carry a nice balance of both new and gently used.


How do I consign my furniture at Monty’s?
You may either bring your items to Monty’s between 10AM-3PM or we can send someone to your home for them to determine if we can help you. Call the store for details on how to make an appointment.


Will I know right away what I can get for my items?
If all evaluators are in the field or processing orders ahead of yours, we will fill out paper work and have you leave it for them to call you back. If an evaluator has come to your home they will call you with all the details later in the day or by the following afternoon.


Will they come to my home for just one item?
It depends on the profit margin of the item. For example, it is not cost effective to come to your home to evaluate a lamp and one night stand. However, you are welcome to bring it to the store for an in-store evaluation.


Is there a fee to have them come to my home?
Yes. Our evaluation fee starts at $10. The approximate area included is North to South/Beardsley Rd to Northern Ave. and East to West/59th Ave to the Loop 303. You may call the store for more information concerning other areas. 623-933-3332.


How much money do I get if Monty’s sells my furniture?
You receive 50% of the retail amount.


When can I pick up my check?
Checks are issued the 6th business day of every month for the previous months sales and are available at the front desk during business hours.


Can you mail me my check? 
If you provide us with the appropriate quantity of self addressed stamped envelopes. Or we can debit your account a nominal fee for each mailed check. However these arrangements must be made by you.


Do you call me when my items sell? 

NO, that is the responsibility of each contract holder to find out if they have a check waiting for them.


How long does the contract last? 
90 days.


Do you call me when my contract expires?
NO, it is your responsibility to call us on the contract expiration date to let us know what you would like to do with the unsold merchandise. Contracts are extendable at our discretion.


What happens to my unsold items if I do not contact you before my contract expires?
They become property of Monty’s and no monies will be paid for those items.


What if I want my unsold items back at the end of my contract?
Great! As long as you have called BEFORE the expiration date to tell us you want your items back you may pick them up. We can also deliver them back to you for a fee.


What if I DON’T want the unsold items back?
You may send your own charity to pick them up or we can donate them to our charity of choice which is Habitat for Humanity. However, you must call BEFORE the expiration date to make these arrangements.


Do I get a donation receipt?
You may stop by Monty’s and pick one up or you can make arrangements to have it mailed to you with a SASE.
Can I just give my unsold items to Monty’s? Yes you may and then we will determine whether it will become our inventory or whether it will be donated.


What if I am moving out of state?
No problem. You must provide the appropriate quantity of self addressed stamped envelopes or we can debit your account a small fee per mailed check. A large portion of our customers have moved out of state and are delighted with the service we provide.


Do you deal in full estates?
Yes we do. We can help you with a few pieces or we have a full service that is available. Please call the store for details 623-933-3332.


Is there a fee to have my items delivered?
Yes, please call for pricing. Our delivery team is very helpful and will place your delivered items into the space you have cleared and provided.


Do you hook up my appliances or electronics when you deliver them?
No we are not insured to install any items including but not limited to washer and dryers, refrigerators, televisions, DVD players etc.


Is there a fee to have my items picked up for consignment?
Yes. The base fee varies depending on the city in which you reside. The final fee is calculated and determined by the evaluator after surveying the conditions involved in removing your items from the property.


Do you “appraise” furniture?
No we are not “appraisers” we simply evaluate only the items we are interested in selling on a consignment contract.


Am I going to get individual prices for the items that I want to consign?
When you sign our contract, you will be issued a copy of individual prices set up by our evaluators. Initially we will present you with the overall total amount that you will receive providing all items on your contract are sold.